About Me

Hi, I'm Michelle, owner of Dogs on Vacation. When I thought about creating a business, my goal was for pet parents to be able to bring their loved pets on vacation with them but also to be able to explore the wonderful Central Coast on their own. As a pet parent myself, I would be happy knowing that my pet is having as much fun as I am with someone who cares as much as I do about animals and has the experience to take care of my most beloved friend.


I trained for 1.5 years with a professional trainer on leash training, dog behavior, place work, crate training and mental work.

I also attended the Learn to Lead Workshop given by Cheri Lucas.

I have 3 years training with siblings (my own) and 15 years of love for all things dog.

You'll never look back on your life and think, " I spent too much time with my dog."